Wednesday, September 27, 2006


We are in HELSINKI.

It is very finnish. I would put up some pictures, but I'd have to so some 53r10u51y 1337 h4x0r shit to make it work, and there is a 15 minute time limit. So y'all will have to sit tight.

We had a boss layover in Heathrow, where Steve lost his jacket on the plane. We got it back, which was good because on the connecting flight to Helsinki he was sleeping and holding it like a baby blankey. Pussy.

We haven't done anything of interest yet, because we're fucking jet lagged. We have seen a lot of good hair however, and we also disovered that butter on sandwhiches is the front line of the finnish invasion on our cholestorol.

More to come, I'm getting the evil eye from some Slav bitch waiting for the computer


At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Xha Temja said...

Komenti qe une lashe ne kete site:
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Try this.

The next time jou come in Albania BE A MAN. If jou do it I promise I with fuck you right in the ass.


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