Friday, October 27, 2006

MIHCK, pt 1.

That's "Minsk" for you non-Cyrillic readers and capitalist pigs out there in the CWA.

What does Minsk offer the tourist? Honestly, not much, besides awesome, awesome people and Socialist Realism aplenty. Hell, the trams are still red and yellow.

Check it out: Soviet Monumentalism with a dollop of secret sauce. Leave that mayonnaise under the cold Bolshevik sun.

See, I'm just motherfucking crackers about this joint. Mike, on the other hand, looks like bambi under the glaring lights of your Ford Explorer.

For real, Minsk ruled. Absolutely amazing town, and freakishly clean and open. Cleaner than Japan, says the elder Mike. Take that, you open-market slant eyed sushiheads.

Relic cityscapes. We didn't get a zoom in on this, but at the top of this monument, the Memorial for the Great Patriotic War, is a bona-fide "CCCP"

You can see the Hammer and Sickle on the top of the entrance to Minsk Technical University.

They even bake some Stalin glory into their delicious black bread.

Bigger update to come later, yo. Pics are uploading as I type!

Excitement! Drama! Minsk!

Seriously, this city ruled. You'll see.


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