Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Steve didn't post these, so I'm adding them:

Embalmed dude at the "Health Museum". More like the house of gore, bitches:

More "health". Cirrosis!

I wish I had been to the museum when I was younger. This would have never happened!

Here's a better look at that display:

Here's a view of New Tallinn. The city is on the make. Visit quickly before they go on the Euro. The entire city is under construction:

By the way, rotating 90 degress from that angle gives you this. Schitzo.

More Estonian metal. The bands we saw were called "Leech" and "Pedigree" I think. Pedigree was awesome.

Lord Satan, give me strength.

Steve evaluates the Cock.

Us with our host Rainer.

And this is the Estonia National Opera. We got like 5$ tickets and it was amazing. The quality of the performaces was just a hair below the Metropolitan Opera, although the budget was obviously much lower. They save money by using less stage magic and more raw talent. Take that broadway. Also the seats are uncomfortable and the programs cost money. We saw two operettas, one I had never heard of and Pagliacci. There's a really famous aria in it, I think it was used in a Ragu commercial or something.


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