Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vilnius der Second, Judgment Day

Now in Belarus, but a quick update on Vilnius, one of our favorite spots so far that we took shamefully few pictures of. MY BAD, BRO. I will now climb this stripper pole into my hole of shame.

The Vilnius nightlife was sort of a wash, not really. We hit up some Expat club, which was mostly comprised of golddigging Lietuvs. Mike had such a horrible time he decided to mutilate his head. Is that a swastika I see?

No, it isn't, but let Mike's case be a lesson: when in Lithuania, do NOT tell the barber to do "whatever you feel like," lest you feel like reaping what you sow.

And yes, it's still there. A babushka on a tram in Minsk muttered "fashion" scornfully at Michael today, in Russian.

But back to Vilnius. Vilnius at night:

The modern section of the city. I wish we had some Old Town pics, with the faded walls, baroque embellishments, and old hebrew graffiti, but alas, we're dumb. As if you hadn't figured that out already. Oh look, a puppy! Nice puppy!

The Play Club.

Having entered Lithuania with the impression that basketball was the national sport, we were suprised to see that Foosball has instead made a larger headway, as evidenced by the regulars at the Play Club. I forget the name for it there - it's not "foosball" - but the people at this bar were pulling some Obi-Wan jedi shit with those little kicker dudes. Maybe it's the Euro thing, like how it seems any old Spanish or Italian guy can make a soccer ball levitate. I guess this Euro-soccer axiom also applies to the sport's miniature, beer-soaked form.

Our hosts, Jone and Domas.

Between Domas's 12 hour work shifts, Jone finishing her Master's and her simultaneous lawyer workload, and their constant ferret maintenance, they were already pooped, nevermind the two dipshits from New Jersey trying to open their laundry machine with a screwdriver. Having left that morning and in no mood to wake them, that was the best portrait we can manage for our seriously awesome, awesome hosts and human beings (we found plenty in Vilnius and Lithuania - the Vignauskaites, Jone and Domas, the Siauliai crew, Martynas and his buds, etc, etc, etc).

Anyhow, here is an earlier candid pic from the night before the portrait.

Jone is the short-haired blonde in the foreground, Domas has long hair and the orangish-pink sweater in the back middle, and the rest are various friends whose names I forget because I fell asleep in the corner within two minutes of entering this scene. A few good times sitting, chatting, yadda yadda yadda. Twas good, yo. Lietuvos Republikas! Taip! Taip!


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