Friday, November 24, 2006

Quick note:

Anyone who can do this gets A BATCH OF COOKIES BAKED BY ME, the flavor or which being your choice.

I need this: one detailed digital map of Eastern Europe, which will be used to trace our journey using MSPaint. I've found some, which are all inadequate. The larger the map, the better, since there will be lots of lines. There are plenty of maps on google image search, but what I'm looking for is something which fits these criteria:

1. Post-USSR, post-Yugoslavia, post-Czechoslovakia
2. Has to be detailed enough to have these cities: Torun, Poland; Brest, Belarus; Plzen, Czech Republic; Bialystok, Poland. I figure it's a moot cause trying to get a map with Valga, Estonia and same with Siauliai, Lithuania and Gergweis, Germany. Basically, it should have all cities with more that 100,000 people.
3. Sufficiently large (like 2000 x 2000 pixels), which it probably will need to be if it mentions smaller cities.
4. Must include every Eastern-European, post-Communist nation. So for example, if you have a map, and it's detailed as hell, but doesn't have the Baltic States, then no dice. I want to do this all on one IMG.

Special bonus points if the map has Montenegro as separate from Serbia, which it's only been for 5 months.

Google image search is a moot point, I've tried. If you can find something good, you're getting some cookies up in your FACE. Your choice of flavors too, I'll even do salmon flavored, or bacon or whatever, just post a URL-link in the comments section and show me what you got. Keep in mind I have a veto, even if it does fit the criteria.

Thanks yo. I make some mean cookies, bitchez.



At 1:01 AM, Anonymous sass! said...

plz get me a cool poster in yr travels or something!

At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Steve and Mike,

We met on the bus going from Tallinn to Tartu. I think I found the map you want.

The pdf file is at:

I will email you a big tif file I created with it. I recomend using Microsoft Office Document Imaging instead of MS Paint if you have it.

I like your blog and Tammy and I have been following it with envy. Sorry we didnt get to hook up in Riga.

We can discuss cookies later.



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