Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Ahh...beautiful Lodz.

So, that's Lodz (pronounced "Woodge"). It's the second most populated city in Poland, but nobody gives a fuck. It's an old factory town, full of, well, old factories. Or so I thought.

Stephen A. was 2 KEWL for Lodz, but I decided to brave it. Nothing turns me on more than old derelict buildings. I had such a hard-on for this place. It's disgusting. Fucking David Lynch just shot part of a movie here. That's the kind of place it is. A beautiful place.

Well, not exactly. Even since those bastards in the E-motherfuckin'-U set their sights on Poland, they have been pouring money in like bitches pour booze into Lil John's crunk cup. When I first arrived, I inquired of the hostel keeper, "Kind hostel keeper--whereabouts might I find some disgusting, derelict, abandoned, rat-infested, squaterville factory buildings?" And thus he replied, "Seest thou Manufaktura." So I did, and lo, I sawest thus:

That's the only picture that came out (I went late at night, with plans of breaking into abandoned buildings. Didn't happen). Manufaktura used to be a giant complex of factories, owned by a Jew of course. After the war or something, the buildings just sat there and fell apart. Then some fucker in Brussels got some big idea, and now it's a giant complex of shopping malls, night clubs, IMAX, and God knows what else.

But that doesn't mean that Lodz has nothing to offer. No sir! What happens when you have a city full of large abandoned buildings?

The artists move in! And all hell breaks loose:

Take that, Stalinist housing block! Then there's this:

Fucker is listed in the Book of World Records as the largest piece of graffiti. It's huge alright, hugely ugly! Haha! It's how the artists give back to the community. "Sorry for raising the rents. Here's a sucky mural."

I got lucky, and was in Lodz for the coolest thing that happens every other year--the biennial. It wasn't amazing, but it was better than that shit at the Whitney last summer. Then again, that's not saying much. Check it:

Those are cute little postcards with mugshots and text of what the dude's last meal was.

This really needs to be seen in motion. Drop some acid and smoke some of this shit.

I wonder how long until Microsoft sends a cease and desist letter to us for posting this:

And this last puppy was from a giant exhibit about Solidarity. If you don't know about Solidarity, see what Wikipedia has to say. I'm too lazy to write about it.

Deconstruct this. You have 3 seconds:

My favorite part of the Biennial? When I wandered into a section of the museum that I wasn't supposed to. Like everything else cultural in Lodz, the Art Museum used to be a factory.

Looks like they haven't finished the conversion yet.

And lastly, no city in Poland is complete without this bro:

Shine on, John Paul, you crazy diamond.


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