Friday, November 03, 2006


Yeah, so we've been slagging on the blog a bit. Sorry. Don't worry, it's not a permanent thing. Just bad luck with getting pictures uploaded, not to mention the fact that we've split up, which I think is making me and Steve kind of l-a-z-y. Steve's waiting on me to upload pictures, so it's mostly my fault. Fucking USB is like Arabic to some of these computers. Anyway, fear not. Well, fear a little bit. Since we've split I've kept the camera, so unfortunately Steve's adventures will not be documented (unless he follwed my advice and purchased a disposable camera, which he most certainly did not. fucker). Well, on with the show...

After Bialystok, we had a stopover in Warsaw for the night. Steve thinks Warsaw SUXORZ, but I'm actually back here now and it's pretty cool. So there will be plenty to report. In the meantime, the word on the street is thus:

This was spotted in a stairwell in the Praga neighborhood of Warsaw. Praga is known for a few things: old buildings, cheap rent, crime, and Soviets. When the Warsaw uprising occured during WW2, the Polish resistance and the Nazis fought like crazy, doing some serious damage (levelling) to Warsaw in the process. Meanwhile, the Soviets sat across the River from Warsaw, in Praga, for a month. When the shit finally settled, with the Germans victorious, the Soviets rolled into the city, quickly sent the Germans packing, and then celebrated themselves as liberators. Fucking Russians. Anyway, since relatively little fighting took place in Praga, all the buildings are a bit older than in Warsaw, which was almost entirely rebuilt after WW2. Praga is also where the artists hang out. This particular piece of art was spotted while we were climbing the stairs to go see a film premiere, being thrown by a bunch of artists in an apartment. A giant apartment, with no heat. Hell yes.

This was our host for one night in Warsaw, Yoije. Or George. Or Jeorg. Shit, I'm sorry for spelling so badly. He's a cool Sweede who lives in Poland and takes pictures. You should check out his website, and maybe even buy some publishing rights. They are very good pictures, and you will think this blog sucks after seeing them.

Also, here's a video of our Bialystok host, Kuba, driving his dog insane.

More to come...


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