Monday, January 01, 2007


Yo, this is MS here, all up in Steve's grill, here with some important news that I want at the top of the blog. Firstly:

That's right, Alex. I've got your baby.

Secondly, I've just put the finishing touches on the Transnistria entry. And it's quite good, if I do say so myself. However, it's been so long ago that the entry isn't even on the main page anymore. So HERE'S THE LINK. IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THIS.

Ok. Back to Steve and Zagreb:

Good place.

Ummmm, so here's the deal with Zagreb, or our visit to it. We arrived on Christmas eve, found our hosts, and then ate a Christmas dinner of spaghetti and soya and drank wine and talked about geopolitics and economics with our hosts, Barbara and Rafik. And then we went to bed, and everything was closed, and Mike had a shitfuck awful cold.

So here's what happened.

Mike - Mike stayed indoors for about three days, coughing and watching Dexter's Laboratory.

Steve - since everything was closed for the Christmas season, Steve wandered around town and took pictures and hung out with Todd, another couchsurfer from Canada, and we talked about accounting and "culture".

So there's not too much to say about Zagreb. It's a pretty city, expensive, more Germanic seeming than the rest of the Balkans (which I'm sure the Croats would LOVE to hear). The Croats like (only their) war criminals, saying they are more "Western" than Bosnia and Serbia, and being Catholic. They're also, on the whole, friendlier than hell. Their cities are pretty, and, well, pretty. Also, the girls look 22 but are really 16. No, I did nothing, but let's just say I wasn't too keen on their invite to "party at the pub WOOOOO".

Here's some pictures of Zagreb. I apologize for the boring entry. We weren't necessarily "bored" in Zagreb, but still, shit wasn't exactly hopping due to the holiday season and Mike's sickness. We had a nice place to sleep, a pretty town, and I just had my feet while Mike hit up the bed.

Pretty stuff around town

Manger scene. The Croats, as said, are CATHOLIC, and certainly not Muslim or Eastern Orthodox like in Bosnia and Serbia. NO, THEY ARE CATHOLICS IN CROATIA, ONE OF MANY REASONS WE ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN BOSNIA AND SERBIA EVEN THOUGH THEY SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE AND EAT THE SAME FOOD. THEY ARE WORLD APART. And they have plastic Jesus to prove it!

Manger petting zoo!



It's a city like that, with a more easygoing vibe than Sarajevo or Belgrade. This may be deceptive, given the timing of our visit, but whatevs. Shit was cool.

This is my driver's license-style picture of Todd, our fellow couchsurfer. He's talkative, freakishly good-natured, friendly, and Canadian.

So, story. Barbara and Rafik, the hosts, left for three days to go spa it up, and left us in charge of their cats, which is awesome considering we had only known them for about 4 hours and they were already giving us the keys to their (freakishly nice) apartment. So, considering we forgot to take pics of our awesome and nice and smart human hosts, here are our kitty hosts:

Laila and William above. Below, Harry is pondering the negative comments he will leave me on couchsurfing.

That's right, I filled that water bowl.

Catsitting in Croatia!

Merry (former) Christmas!


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i just got a new bag in ecuador made of wool with a llama on it so fuck you mike


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